Based in the Dolomites – bookable all over the globe.
As digital nomads we are very curious to get to know different countries, different cultures, different people. Thats why we are very happy to travel for our couples! It doesn’t matter from where you’re contacting us, if the vibes match we are excited to film your wedding!
It all doesn’t really matter.
It’s not just about that one perfectly styled wedding day.
Oh no, it’s about so much more.
Our stories are about the lovers who may not always have had good times, who have not always been perfect, but who, even if no one else can explain it, cannot help but say yes to each other.
This is for you. 
Because your stories are worth telling.

We’ve experienced weddings on skis, in helicopters, on gondolas, in castles and mountain huts, barefoot in the grass, on the beach and during sunrise on the peek of a mountain, It doesn’t matter how crazy your idea of marrying is, whether it’s in Europe or on the other side of the world. Do not hesistate to contact us!

When marrying, the most important thing is certainly not the perfectly styled table, or the placement of the decoration. No. Your wedding day is about so much more. It’s about the excitement in the morning when your mum starts going crazy and thus makes everyone else around her go crazy too, about your dad wiping away a sneaky tear, your best friend dancing like being 16 again. It’s about seeing your loved ones around you and realising how many people you brought together, simply by loving them and being loved. It’s about the little stories that happen in between the big ones. And of course, most of all, it’s about the reason of this day: the deep and pure love that has brought two people together and now want to celebrate their true connection with their loved ones. 

your memories

burned onto film 

to make them last 

for a lifetime 

and beyond