Hi I’m Stefanie, born in the mid 90s, growing up I dreamt of being an artist, and finally, my 19 year- old self found the courage to enter the world of film.

Together with some friends and my boyfriend we created where I directed various fashion films, commercials and music videos. But my big passion is and has always been shooting something pure and real, something delicate and emotional. And all those things I finally found in wedding films.

I’d say that my expertise in music and fashion videos has a big influence when filming and editing weddings. Music too carries a big importance in my films. It underlines the images that I catch when filming you throughout your big day.

There are many versions of Stefanie:

There is the daydreaming-Stefanie,


the getting-all-excited-about-little-ideas-Stefanie


the Tandem-Globetrotter Stefanie.


the Wim-Hof-Stefanie,


the eat-sleep-edit-videos & repeat-Stefanie


the Yogi Stefanie.


the artistic-avant-garde-Stefanie.


The wanna-be-a tattoo-artist-Stefanie

(more you’ll only get to know over drinks)


And last but not least, the „wild-&-free-roadtrip- Stefanie“. 

Here’s a glimpse of it:

Video abspielen

If you’re still confused about this girl who will film your wedding, give me one last chance. Or better, give Daniel, Filmmaker and master in the art of living himself, a chance, since obviously there is no better person to describe me better than my partner I’m living and working together with for more than 5 years:

Steffi is a positive sunshine. Look at that smile, you feel me right? Her sense of aesthetic manifests in everything she does, no matter if in fashion film or pottery. Love is her constant companion. No matter if chatting with a stranger at a train station or trying to convince me to bring out the rubbish.
If she is not head over heels in love with an abstract art wedding project, you can find her in a fancy specialty coffee shop as undercover brunch inspector. Her minimalist adventure spirit travels around the globe with her wedding films. Even if you forcefully take away her camera she will find a way to capture her lively vision of the world. She really lives and breathes her job with all the energy and passion she can get together. Sometimes maybe even a little bit too much if you ask me. But it’s either 0% or a 100%. For her there exists nothing in between this. If I can tell you one thing: sneak yourself into her heart and she will do so much and more to make you happy.

enough of me now, I'm excited to get to know you!