Sunrise Elopement

Dolomites, Italy

Photographer: Blitzkneisser
Wedding Planner: Jlenia Costner
Music: Jonas Oberstaller
Location: Cir Summit


The day had finally arrived for Eva and Eric’s adventure trip. It was a chilly morning, with the clock ticking at 03:15 AM, when we all met at the Passo Gardena. Despite the early start and the lack of proper sleep, the excitement and enthusiasm among the group members were palpable. We knew we were about to embark on an unforgettable journey together.

Our destination was Cima Cir, a towering mountain at 2592m. The path was easy at first, but became more challenging, with steep inclines and rocky terrain. As we neared the summit, the sky began to lighten, and the first rays of sunlight illuminated the breathtaking views. Eva and Eric had chosen the perfect spot for their wedding vows, and the moment was almost upon them.

The group gathered on the peak, overlooking the stunning landscape below. The musicians started playing a beautiful melody, creating a perfect atmosphere for the occasion. Eva and Eric stepped forward, their eyes locked on each other, and their voices ringing with emotion as they exchanged their heartfelt vows. As they spoke, the sun slowly rose, casting a golden glow over the mountains. It was a magical moment that would be etched in their memories forever. The beauty of the surroundings and the intimacy of the occasion made it a truly unforgettable experience. After the ceremony, we slowly descended, taking their time to savor the beauty of the landscape. The adventure trip had started early in the morning, and it had been tiring, but it was all worth it for the unforgettable memories created.

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