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I’ve experienced weddings on skis, in helicopters, on gondolas, in castles and mountain huts,
barefoot in the grass, on the beach and during sunrise on the peek of a mountain.


I believe that there exists no similar wedding twice. Anyways I tried to put together a few packages that might fit into your expectations of your big day. I’ve experimented a lot with different kinds of length and types of video and came to the result of these 4 most wanted packages.


In case your wedding is completely out of this world, don’t hesistate to ask me for a personalised offer!


package nr.1

everything and more

This is for the ones that don’t like compromises. It’s simply everything that I’m able to offer you. Including all the following packages and extra services.

This package includes:

  • full day: as long as needed (up to 14 hours)
  • highlightvideo (1-3 minutes)
  • weddingfilm (10-15 minutes)
  • short social media clip (30 seconds)
  • get together or afterwedding shoot (up to 4 hours)
  • a selection of screengrabs
  • privat online link for downloading the videos

package nr.2

highlight film + wedding film

This package is for the ones that want to get a more detailed documentation of their wedding day. The big moments, the small ones and also the stories in between captured on a more privat & longer video to be kept just for you and your closest one.
..But to please also your social media community you’ll get a shorter more artsitic video too!

This package includes:

  • full day up to 10 hours
  • highlightvideo (1-3 minutes)
  • weddingfilm (10-15 minutes)
  • privat online link for downloading the videos


*extra hours 200 €

package nr.3

highlight film

A short film packed full with emotions. It’s catching that exact vibes of the day with it’s people, party and of course the character of the couple itself.

This one will feel like a double espresso shot catapulting you back to this big day and making you live through it once again and again.

This package includes:

  • full day up to 10 hours
  • highlight Film (3-5 minutes)
  • privat online link for downloading the video
*extra hours 200 €

package nr.4

elopement film

If you’re having a small & intimate elopement this package is for you. It includes the getting ready, ceremony or vow exchange and a shooting on a stunning place of your choice.


If you’re interested in the whole planning of an elopement you can check our packages on

This package includes:

  • up to 6 hours of shooting
  • highlight film (1-3 min)
  • privat online link for downloading the videos


get together

for weddings that start the day before already.

  • up to 3 hours of documentation the day before
  • short couple shooting
  • including into the wedding film

after wedding shoot

you want a very special kind of memory of the 2 of
you on top of the mountains in the city of your
dreams, in your backyard or any other special place?

  • up to 3 hours of shooting in your location of choice
  • including into the wedding film
  • short video of the shooting

short clip

your wedding video is too personal to share it with the world?
How about an additional short 30 second video for your social media?

  • additional edit of a short highlight clip (20-40 seconds)

2nd Shooter

In case you’re having more than 200 guests or wish to have a very special kind of video like a very complex Marryoke, I’d recommend you to book a second shooter that comes with me on the day.
  • 1 extra professional filmmaker
  • up to 10 hours

first let's meet!

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First of all, before filling out the form below I would love to get to know you!


All of you.Your characters, your style, your story, your love.
Because what I want to create for you is something that will last for a lifetime, Something that your kids and grandgrandkids will watch over and over. Something that is just about you.


Ok don’t feel pressured now, let’s just have a chilled chat over a drink. Vibes definitely need to match for such a personal and important job like this, So let’s meet!


I’m excited to get to know you!

in love, Stefanie

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Who is Nomattertheweather?

Hi I’m Stefanie, born in the mid 90s, growing up I dreamt of being an artist, and finally, my 19 year- old self found the courage to enter the world of film.

Together with some friends and my boyfriend we created where I directed various fashion films, commercials and music videos. But my big passion is and has always been shooting something pure and real, something delicate and emotional. And all those things I finally found in wedding films.

I’d say that my expertise in music and fashion videos has a big influence when filming and editing weddings. Music too carries a big importance in my films. It underlines the images that I catch when filming you throughout your big day.


Some couples are worried about feeling too excited and uncomfortable in front of the camera. That’s why I think it’s important for you to know that I wont’t be directing but rather be in the background documenting everything as real as possible. Creating a safe space where for you to feel the most like yourself. I was told to have a calm and relaxing atmosphere and sometimes couples even wondered how I managed to capture certain scenes since they didn’t notice me. I’ll definitely try my best to make you feel as comfortable as possible.