Anger – Das Meer


Band: Anger

Clothing: Maximilian


As a filmmaker, I recently had the opportunity to shoot a music video for the Viennese band, „Anger“. The song, called „Das Meer“ (The Sea), is a hauntingly beautiful composition that explores the vastness and the depth of the ocean. The song’s title is an allegory for the many emotions and feelings that can be found within each of us. It’s a powerful message that resonated with me as I worked on the video.

Working with Anger was a fantastic experience. Their style is a unique blend of alternative and indie rock, with a hint of electronic elements. They have a captivating stage presence and are well-known in the Austrian music scene for their live performances.

The clothes worn by the band were sponsored by Maximilian, an Italian fashion brand. Their clothing added a stylish touch to the video, enhancing the visual experience of the song. The combination of Maximilian’s fashion and the music of Anger created a captivating aesthetic that was truly impressive.

For the music video, we decided to capture the mood of the song by filming in a secluded beach location. We arrived early in the morning, just as the sun was rising. The soft light of the early spring sunrise was perfect for the atmosphere we wanted to create. We filmed the band performing on the beach, with waves crashing in the background. It was a beautiful and serene location that perfectly captured the essence of the song.

Overall, It was a pleasure to work with both of these talented brands and create a beautiful and moving piece of art. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this talented group of musicians.

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