A girl with her head in the clouds passioned for the little things in live, maybe sometimes a little too dreamy but always up for a new adventure. Living, working and dreaming together with her boyfriend (who is also filmmaker btw) either in Merano or somewhere on the road in on their little camper van called „Spinatspatzl“. Her heart beats for the craft of filmmaking, but now and then she`s expressing her creativity with a tattoo needle or canvas & brush. Any kind of unusual sports – she wants to try it. Never stopping exploring, she’s even envolved in a project that’s something to do with insects, algae, microgreens and other superfoods, but that’s how much we’ll tell for now! More infos just over coffee and cake!



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The italian stereotype with the most german name you can imagine: Gerd Eder. Finding his passion to photography in the trans-siberian railway, he travelled through half of Asia to finally finding his luck back at home in the Dolomites, in a peaceful valley where he settled down as a happy family daddy! 

Adventures have been replaced through building Lego and fooling around on playgrounds, what stayed the same: his camera next to him and his burning passion for capturing the beauty, the imperfection, the drama of life – authentic and tasteful.



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